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Seabreacher Watersports Malta Ltd

Reg. Office: 12 Triq il-Markiża Buġeja, San Pawl il-Baħar,

Registration No. C100692

By signing the disclaimer I declare the following:

1.  That I shall be exclusively responsible to participate in the Seabreacher Passenger Experience and that I do not suffer any medical condition that could result in an unsafe situation.


2.  That any complication or injury directly or indirectly resulted by the Seabreacher Passenger Experience will be my sole responsibility and I can not make any claims towards Seabreacher Watersports Malta Ltd.


3.  That payment must be completed in full before the experience takes place and I will only receive a refund when the experience is cancelled by Seabreacher Watersports Malta Ltd.


4.  That I am not under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or medication.


5.  That I must be above 18 years of age or have my parent or guardians consent signed on this page.


6. That I consent to receive pictures and videos by email from Seabreacher Watersports Malta Ltd when I choose the video package with the Passenger Experience.


7.  That I have read the above and fully understand the content.

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