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Special Occasion Jetskis: Celebrate Birthdays, Anniversaries, and More on the Water

Are you looking for an extraordinary way to celebrate a special occasion? Look no further! Our Watersports Malta Center offers incredible jetski rental experiences, perfect for commemorating birthdays, anniversaries, and other milestones. Imagine the thrill of zipping across the water, surrounded by Malta's breathtaking coastline, as you create lasting memories with your loved ones. In this article, we'll explore how Aquamarine's special occasion jetski rentals can elevate your celebrations to new heights.

Tailored Jetski Experiences for Unforgettable Celebrations

  1. Birthdays: Make a splash on your birthday with an exhilarating jetski ride. Aquamarine offers customizable jetski rental packages, allowing you to plan the perfect day on the water. Whether it's a group adventure with friends or an intimate ride for two, our team will help you craft an unforgettable birthday experience.

  2. Anniversaries: Celebrate your love story with a romantic jetski adventure. Glide hand in hand across Malta's crystal-clear waters, exploring hidden coves and secluded beaches. Aquamarine's special anniversary packages can include personalized touches, like a picnic lunch or champagne toast, to make your day extra special.

  3. Milestone Events: Mark life's significant moments, such as graduations, promotions, or retirements, with an action-packed jetski experience. Gather your friends and family for a thrilling ride, followed by a relaxing swim or snorkeling session. Aquamarine's team will work with you to design a unique celebration that reflects your accomplishments and tastes.

  4. Team Building: Boost morale and strengthen teamwork with a fun-filled jetski safari outing. Aquamarine's group packages cater to corporate events, offering an exciting and engaging way to foster camaraderie and collaboration among colleagues.

Safety and Fun, Guaranteed

At Aquamarine, we prioritize safety and fun in equal measure. Our team of experienced professionals will ensure that your special occasion jetski rental is both enjoyable and secure. We provide comprehensive safety briefings, well-maintained equipment, and personalized guidance to suit your skill level and comfort.

Booking Options

We understand that planning a special occasion can be stressful, which is why Aquamarine offers flexible booking options. Choose from a variety of jetski rental durations and tailor your experience to suit your schedule and budget. Be sure to book in time though, as our jetskis can be extremely popular especially in the midst of summer!
Not sure what date works for the others? Purchase a gift card, it can be redeemed for any date trough our website.


Celebrate your special occasions in style with Aquamarine's unique jetski rental experiences. From birthdays and anniversaries to milestone events and team building, our customized jetski adventures offer an unforgettable way to mark life's important moments. Contact us today to start planning your perfect celebration on the water!

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