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Seadoo jetski powering across Malta's waters

Best Jetski Rentals in Malta

Aquamarine is the premier destination for Jetski Malta adventures! Glide through Malta's mesmerizing waters on one of our 9 state-of-the-art Sea-Doo GTX 2023 jet skis and uncover the island's hidden gems. Embark on an unforgettable Best Jet Ski Rental Malta experience, where excitement meets natural beauty. There's no better place to hire jetskis than with Aquamarine watersports in Golden Bay.

Jetski Safari route map

Malta jet skis for hire at Aquamarine Golden Bay

Jetskiing is a fun and exhilarating water sport that lets you zoom across the waves on a powerful and agile machine. You will feel the thrill of speed, the splash of water, and the freedom of movement, as you explore the beautiful coastlines and bays of Malta. Our Malta Jetskis for hire are suitable for anyone who loves adventure and excitement, and is easy to learn and enjoy. Do keep in mind there's an age limit of 18+.

Why Rent a jetski in Golden Bay with Aquamarine?

Golden Bay is one of the best locations for jetskiing in Malta, as it offers a stunning sandy beach, a turquoise bay, and a spectacular backdrop of cliffs and hills. You will also get to see the nearby bays of Gnejna and Ghajn Tuffieha, which are equally beautiful and picturesque. Golden Bay is located on the northwest coast of Malta, and is easily accessible by car or bus.

You won't get old jetskis at Aquamarine. We've just recently purchased 9 Sea-Doo GTI 2023 jet skis to add to our modern fleet! It's important to us that our customers get to enjoy the maximum amount of thrill by constantly keeping our fleet up to date.

How to start Jetskiing with Aquamarine Water Sports?

At Aquamarine Water Sports, you can enjoy a professional and friendly jetski rental service, with years of experience and fully qualified operators. You can choose to rent a jetski for in slots of 20 minutes.


You will be given a safety briefing and a life jacket, and then you will board the jetski and get ready for action. Get ready to experience a smooth and powerful ride, with the freedom to explore the designated zone at your own pace.


Or join us for a jetski safari, which is a guided tour of the nearby bays and cliffs, for an extra fee. Special occasion jetskis are the greatest team building event we can personally think of.

How we make sure our Jetski rentals are safe

Jetskiing is a fun and exciting way to explore the beauty of Golden Bay and its surroundings, but it also requires some safety precautions. Before you start your 20-minute ride on our Sea-Doo GTI 2023 jet skis, you will receive a safety briefing and a life jacket from our qualified operators.


GPRS Safety System

You will also learn how to use the GPRS safety system, which is a feature that protects you and your jet ski from collisions and accidents. The GPRS safety system will automatically slow down your jet ski if you come too close to another jet ski or to the rocky shores, preventing injuries and damages. You will also be advised to stay within the designated zone and to follow the instructions of our operators at all times. By following these simple rules, you will ensure a safe and enjoyable jetski experience.

Want to try our Jetskis in Malta? Book your slot now!


Malta Jetski Performance Details

Want to know how fast our Malta Jetskis are? You're into engines? Here are the specs of our kick ass Seadoo GTX 2023 jetskis. These ultra model touring models cut through waves just that little bit easier versus the standard lighter jetski models for a more comfortable ride:

  • Seadoo GTX 2023

  • 130HP

  • 70+ kmph top speed

  • Rotax 1630 ACE engine

  • 60 liters of fuel capacity

Jetski Malta FAQ

Q: Do I need a licence to rent a jet ski in Malta?
A: No, in case you are renting one of our Jetskis, you will be able to legally operate it for the duration of booking, provided that you are over 18 years of age.

Q: Which Jet skis do you offer as rentals?
A: We offer only the finest equipment, which is why we our proud to present the top line Seadoo GTI 2023 models. Both options (one seat & 2 seats) are available with us.

Q: How much do your Malta jetskis cost to rent?

A: It depends on your preference: A single seater will cost €65 for 20 minutes, and a double seater costs €85.

Q: What safety equipment is provided with the Jetskis?

A: You will be given a lifejacket, which will be attached to a killswitch on the jetski so that in case you fall off, the engine turns off. A GPRS system will also automatically slow you down when you're at risk of colliding with other watercraft or rocks.

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